This Is How Meditation Has Helped Me Throughout My Life

I am a 76-year-old grandmother and have been practising Sahaja Yoga for 34 years.  A young boy from Chennai said, “Aunty, whoever talks about you says you are very strong”.  “Yes, I am strong, but not like a wrestler”. I am mentally and spiritually strong, and that is because of my honest and sincere practice of Sahaja Yoga.  It has taught me everything. How to be good and strong, how to keep healthy, and how to be a person whom everybody wants to meet and know.

From the day I joined I have followed all the teachings of Sahaja Yoga very obediently, without any doubts or questions.  We are not asked to do difficult things like fasting, giving up family, being very sober and not going for parties or movies.  BUT we must live a moral life and avoid all things that are wrong and sinful. How will we know?

The day you get realisation, the Divine Energy of the Kundalini starts spreading into all the cells of the body and starts cleaning us from inside.  

All this dirt must be removed, so we are taught to sit with our feet in a bucket of salt water. The water element takes it all out.

We are also taught to sit in meditation early in the morning, because between 4:30 and 6:00 am is Brahma Muhurtham, when the divine rays are very strong, and the flowers open, and birds sing.  This is my daily routine. Sometimes I may feel pinpricks on my fingers and palms. They told me in the Centre that these are signs that there is some disturbance in a Chakra. Every chakra has a nerve ending on a fingertip, and according to the finger, we can know which chakra is in trouble.

I even learnt that on every chakra a reflection of God has a seat, and every chakra has qualities that we have to follow.  Like the chakra at the neck is the place of Shri Krishna, and the qualities there are to speak sweetly to everyone. If I have been rude and bossy, and hurt anyone’s feelings, this chakra will get disturbed and I will feel it on a finger.

Not only this, but we also learn how to repair any damage that we may do by our bad behaviour, or by harming others.  So, we are always alerting to find out our mistakes and correct ourselves.

So regular practice of Sahaja Yoga makes me a better person.  

I do not get angry, so I do not get blood pressure or tension headaches.  I am always happy with what I have, so I don’t try to do cheating and fraud to gather money or property.  I do not speak rudely to anyone in my house – my husband, my children, my grandchildren, or the people who come and help us in the house.

I am not strict about what time I eat, what time I sleep, or any other requirement.  But I am regular with my meditation, my foot soaking, and attending the collective programs in the Centre. I learnt how to balance myself!


Written By: Poornima Damodaran


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  1. The above write up has inspired me to meditate and foot soak regularly inspite of a busy life style and be a part of matajis grace who has shown us such a effective n easy path towards salvation….. Jai Shri Mataji🌹🙏

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