Sahaja Yoga- A Way Of Life

Life’s challenges, its surprises and its increasing pace and pressures have made us very stressful. People are at constant struggle to keep up with the demands and at the same time keep their personal balance.  Each morning we start up afresh and as the day goes by these pressures get to us. We have to manage our never-ending list of basic routines like taking care of family, handling of day-to-day chores, managing the relations, etc. To add to that, there is the stress of essential long-term planning of future education of the kids and our retirement . Before we know we get sucked into the race, using up all our energy towards realizing of these goals. But the question that is really intriguing is that that do we really have to get sucked in? We usually think we have no choice but on the contrary, the choice is entirely ours.

It is true that we cannot just put up our hands in dismay & shun away from our responsibilities and declare that we cannot do it anymore. We cannot renounce our family and go to the Himalayas to seek peace. But how we receive these challenges and what effect they take on us makes all the difference.  So the real challenge is to seek peace and balance despite the surrounding commotion.

I have found the answer to this in meditation. It equips me to keep up with the challenges of life without getting sucked in. I have been practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation for over 20 years now. The meditation process awakens the dormant energies and re-energizes our energy centers (called plexuses in scientific language). The awakening of the Kundalini aligns these centers so that the inner energy can flow.  Though the awakening of the kundalini is quite ‘sahaja’, but the transformation is an evolving process. We can say that meditation is not just a technique but it’s a way of life. In a more technical language, we can state that the energies that we awaken within us help us in making the connection to our inner peace which in turn makes us more balanced, focused, patient, forgiving and at ease with whatever situation we are in.

Meditation is not just confined any age it can be very well practiced by children and young adults as well. With the bombarding of information happening from all the directions, invasion of technology, the influence of media and more connection with the outside world, the children are so much more knowledgeable than what we were at their age. But I feel, they are less innocent and rather dry in their personalities. Meditation helps the children to be more discreet, balanced, and confident and be compassionate at the same time. It makes them stronger and yet inculcates softer qualities that make them better humans.

In Sahaja Yoga, it is recommended to meditate 10 -15 minutes daily, morning and evening.  As we go deeper it the retention of experience of joy and peace becomes easier. Its effect on lives is quite evident and visible. We can say that Sahaja Yoga is not just a meditation technique but a philosophy of living a fulfilling life.


Written By: Sarika Shriwastava


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