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Addressing The Noise In Your Head- Meditation Is The Key!

Growing up meditating is something I’ll be ever grateful for. It has been a constant. It’s almost impossible to truly describe how comforting knowing that is. In these times where there are so much hatred and so much shallowness, isn’t it a blessing if you have something to hold on to; something that is above the mundane and the petty; something that guides, keeping you grounded and balanced.

The practice of meditation has proven benefits with regards to physical and mental health,no doubt, but once it becomes a part of the way you live its influences are multifold.

Through my interactions with friends, colleagues, and relatives, it’s apparent to me that almost everyone is inherently seeking happiness, to make the most of everything in terms of gaining personal satisfaction. Most of us go about achieving this by immersing ourselves in a rat race: slogging away through each phase of life, believing that the eternal bliss we crave will be waiting for us at the top of the ladder. We keep at it for a while, but when the satisfaction of that effort proves to be momentary we turn to our peers to see how they are faring. We emulate those around us who appear to be successful, contented and at peace with life. We fake it.

However, when this doesn’t work out we cloak ourselves in denial because we cannot bear to face it that we have gone about things the wrong way. We then constantly keep ourselves distracted by getting addicted to material things so that the noise inside us gets drowned out.

 What I’ve experienced with meditation is that it pulls the focus within, addressing the turbulence that is inside and by extension guiding us to deal with the commotion that is outside. What is amazing is that these ideas of joy, peace and happiness that might otherwise be partially-formed or abstract can be identified as palpable, real things through Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Meditating every day helps us get to know ourselves better, helps us stay connected with our being and the energy within us. And this joy of being connected multiplies when meditation is practised in a collective.

The Sahaja Yoga family is huge – Sahaja Yoga has its presence in around 100 countries, there are over 40 centres in Karnataka alone. There is no race here – the aim is to grow collectively.

Written BY: Sakshi Rao

2 thoughts on “Addressing The Noise In Your Head- Meditation Is The Key!

  1. It’s like This: God comes before us, and tries to communicate something. But however, we attempt we hear nothing but noise of mind. Desperate seeker, wants to listen to the Divine message but can’t! Then comes a means, the eyes closes, noise dissolves, and there is message, soothing & elevating- that’s Sahaja Yoga. Nice Article that acted as a reminder to this story that I have heard & enjoyed long time back.

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