Sahaja Yoga Diaries

Vasant Upadhya


Sahaja Yoga came to me towards the end of the year 1991 through Shree Mataji’s Public Program on December 8th. My family later joined in January 1992. Regular Meditation, cleansing as and when required, strict and good guidance took me forward on my spiritual journey. Earlier knowledge of self-improvement through books by famous writers, Reader’s Digest articles on charity, great role models in our freedom struggle preoccupied my mind. Nice to talk about but no transformation as such. This vacuum finally took the shape of Sahaja Yoga. Initially sustaining the meditative state had its share of difficulties. Being in a profession (seafarer), fully exposed to every weakness known to man, it was hard work. Shree Mataji ’s speeches were not on the public domain nor were the tapes easily available. I had made handwritten notes of her important talks. These I would read from time to time. I also had a few copies of Nirmala Vidya.

My interaction with people from different nationalities on board the ship helped me understand the problems of the world better. One thing that stood out was that most felt that there was something different about me. One particular Officer, a Yugoslavian (presently Slovenia ) took his Realisation. He was on drugs, alcohol and a chain smoker as well. Overnight he gave up all his vices. Every evening he would bring me seawater for foot soaking.

I was on one ship with all Pakistani and Iranian Officers/crew. At the end of the voyage, the compliment I received was “Sacche Mussalman tumhee ho” (you are a true follower of Islam). Hence it is not just our transformation but the environment and people around you that get transformed. I see all this happening wherever I go. Earlier it was at sea, but now travelling regularly to distant parts of Karnataka has only increased my zeal to work harder, despite my age. Here again, Shree Mataji has blessed me with health, enthusiasm and stamina to do her work.