Sahaja Yoga Meditation


Evolution, as defined in Wikipedia, is the change in the heritable characteristics of biological populations over successive generations. In simple terms, we understand evolution as the development of life from amoeba to fishes to reptiles to birds to mammals to apes and finally to present day human beings. Some theories state that human being at its present form is the ‘Alpha being’ on top of the world and at the last stage of evolution. The present-day modern man with its advancement in science & technology considers itself as the ruler of the universe. 

Let us introspect and ponder are we really at the last stage of evolution. We are at a constant struggle to lead a joyous life even after possessing all the material comforts. A similar look at the world around us shows that most nations are still busy trying to dominate other nations through political, economic or muscle power. Terrorism, infighting, poverty, economic collapse, refugee crisis, incurable diseases etc are few problems plaguing the modern society. With these problems, can we truly consider ourself at the last stage of evolution? This begs the question – ‘What then is the next or higher stage of evolution’? and ‘How to achieve it’? 

Looking into the history of evolution gives us some answers as to what may lie in the future. Examining evolution closely shows that every organism evolved into a higher organism through some common driving force. That driving force can be described as ‘Desire’ or ‘Seeking’. The desire to know something extra or higher. This seeking propelled the fishes to explore the land as reptiles and mammals, it propelled the land animals to explore the sky as birds and finally propelled the mammals to rule the world as human being. Human society has progressed collectively from the prehistoric days when seeking food and protection for oneself used to be the major goal of life. Then came the era when we started organizing ourselves into kingdoms, religions and races. Major nations were gradually evolved and started a quest to expand their boundaries and trying to conquer more land and power. Historically we have reached a point where a majority of nations have stopped their quest to capture land and instead are now concentrating on subtle ways of political dominance. 

Individually and as a society, we have reached a point where the current stage of evolution seems to have reached its pinnacle and now there is a need of a jump into the next stage of evolution – The Higher Self. This can only be achieved by looking inward with an intense desire or seeking to know oneself. Many saints and prophets have tried to channelize this seeking through their teachings. Unfortunately, they were understood only by a handful of people and ignored by the masses. All the saints talked about knowing oneself and kundalini awakening as the means to achieve Self Realization or the ‘next stage of evolution’.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi through Sahaja Yoga has integrated the teachings of saints with modern medical science and developed a spontaneous, easy and practical method of kundalini rising which can be practised by a simple householder.