Sahaja Yoga Meditation

I started practicing Sahaja Yoga in the year 1996, January.

Would like to share my experience about the impact of Sahaja Yoga in my life.

In the year 1995 September I  badly injured my back while at work. After a week it was diagnoised that I have slip disc in my L1 and L2. I was advised a complete bed rest.

During this time I met one Sahaja yogis uncle who told me about Sahaja yoga and helped me in my self realisation.

After this within 15 days I was able to walk and sit normally.

Since then I am able to do my duty without any problem and am blessed to sit on floor.

After my self realization, about few years later I went to another doctor for a check up when I had back pain.

I insisted doctor to do a MRI scan because I had previously been diagnosed with slip disc. The reports were negative and doctor said there is no symptom of slip disc. I could not believe and showed him my old reports and he was also surprised.

Then I realised it is the working of vibrations in me.

Now my job calls for extensive travel and need to carry my bags and by the grace of Shri Mataji I don’t have any pain or problem.

This is the power of Sahaja yoga.

Skanda Kumar

I am 43 years old and work as a Project Manager in the machine tooling industry. I have been practicing Sahaja Yoga since January 1996.

Priya Siddeshwar

I am an IT professional working in a reputed software company. I am a mother of 2 kids. I am practicing Sahaja Yoga since 2011.

I am a mother of 2 kids working with one of the reputed multinational company.

My day starts very early in the morning with a tight schedule. This routine made me more stress, less energy, weak attention.

Though regular exercise made my body fit, my mental stress was not reducing.  One of my close friends introduced myself to SahajaYoga meditation which transformed me into a new personality. I became closer to my soul.

I am practising Sahaja Yoga Meditation since 2011 and it’s been an amazing experience!.

My mental stress reduced, my attention / interpersonal still improved.

I am able to keep peace and harmony within me which reflected on my family as well as on my professional life.

The best thing about Sahaja Yoga is that there is no conditioning. Only Conditioning is surrendering yourself to God. There is wonderful collective support from other Sahaja Yogis. In Sahaja Yoga Meditation we learn how to be in the meditative state, feel the chakras and cure them with different Sahaja techniques.

As far as my personal experience is concerned – it was an amazing journey.

I am never too tired even after a super hectic day at work.

During the month of May 2018, I developed some problem in my throat (sudden drop in voice and sound). I immediately consulted a famous ENT doctor.  After conducting endoscopy, the doctor found a tiny knot in my voice box and suspected some major issue. He gave me medicine for a week.  I immediately focused on clearance of Vishuddhi chakra.  As per advice of Sahaja Yogi brothers and sisters, I wrote a letter to Shree Mataji explaining my problem.  With Shree Mataji’s great blessing, within a week, I could see improvement in my voice. Thereafter the doctor continued treatment for another two months (only tablets).  Now that knot in voice box is completely disappeared and voice is almost normal.

Chandrappa H. V.

I am an ex Army man and now working with Army institute of hotel management as office superintendent in Yelahanka, Bangalore

Ravi Srivatsa

I am a Project Management professional for a MNC in Bengaluru.

Initially, I did not believe much in Sahaja Yoga as I was only stuck with my conservative Brahmin upbringing of chanting the Vedas which I considered to be the ultimate truth. My radar for accepting any spiritual teachings was limited to the Vedas & Gita and anything other than these I did not even bother to give a second look. 
Gradually, I started noticing and reading ‘Whatsapp’ forwards from my wife who has the most unyielding faith in Sahaja Yoga. She gave me this book ‘The Creation’ and asked me to read it. I could not understand the concepts of ‘Creation’ initially but gradually, this book provided mind-blowing, truthful and factual insights into what actually went into creating this vast expanse of life we’re living in and how it was all put together so gracefully by the Divine force. As I continued to read, it was clear to me how we were created, how the Gods were created and everything after them. I became more and more curious about SY and started attending regular collectivity meditation programs, especially during festivals at the main center in Kanakapura, Bangalore. 

I also started practising foot-soaking and meditation at home on a daily basis. The impact was not immediate but gradual. Little by little and step by step, I could feel negativity go out of me and all the dormant channels inside me starting to open up. All thanks to such simple techniques.
To understand Sahaja yoga, all one needs is an ‘Open’ mind.  Now Sahaja Yoga has become an integral part and parcel of me and my family life. It has given me a perfect work-life balance and I’m working hard to pass on these leanings to my friends, family and colleagues who I’m sure will benefit in the long run.
If you are new to Sahaja Yoga, look no further. Everyone does not get a call from Sahaja Yoga, and if you have got a call, your time has come.

Sahaja Yoga has had a deep influence throughout my growing years and continues to be an important aspect of our family life today.  Bringing up children the Sahaja Yoga way along with Mother’s guidance has truly been a boon and has had multiple benefits.

Sahaja Yoga is very beneficial in disciplining children, helping them with the wisdom and discretion in understanding the difference between right/ wrong. It has been the best cure for temper tantrums, stubbornness, unknown fears and anxiety in my children. Shri Matajis guidance has made it so easy to instil a sense of maryada in the kids. Sahaja Yoga techniques and regular meditation have been extremely useful to enhance concentration and grasping abilities.

Varsha Kumar

I am a Homemaker.

Rakesh Bisht

I am an IT Professional with 11+ years of experience in India and abroad

Being professionals working in office setup is the toughest part in this cut-throat competitive world of today. Anyone says anything wrong or tries to pull us down, an array of thoughts start pouring in, to retaliate/react or to answer. But when I am balanced from within after regular practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation I can observe this urge and not react immediately to situations (inside and outside). After coming back from office also, sometimes the same tension/stress is lingering on but when I sit for meditation, I see the thoughts receding and myself coming to balance. The strength to forgive others and enjoy the qualities of others comes to us naturally once we are thoughtlessly aware. After a hectic work day, after meditation I feel re-energized/rejuvenated in reality. Then I can give my attention and time to my son and play with him a bit and also spend time with my family.

Sahaja Yoga to me has always been about practical experiences rather than blind faith and we/our family can observe the transformation/improvements in our being over time after practising Sahaja Yoga. Heartiest thanks to the founder of Sahaja Yoga H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi that in this times of insecurity and confusion we are able to enjoy our moments of joy because of Her grace.