Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Seeking the higher power

When we see the forces of nature, namely wind, water, fire etc., the perfect mechanism of a baby being born in mother’s womb and the natural beauty in this world, we are compelled to think that there is some higher power, planning, organizing and executing all these miracles. People call this higher power with different names, but to really understand we need to get the true knowledge and connection with this all-pervading power.

In India and all over the world most of the scriptures have clearly talked about the all-pervading power which governs this universe. This knowledge has been there for a long time but Sahaja Yoga is all about experiencing this on your central nervous system and validating for ourselves as we continue in this journey of awakening.

We would like to invite you to ‘experience’ the ‘Truth’ within us. This helped us to recognise all the different messengers/messiah’s as flowers of same tree of spirituality, in complete harmony and complementary to one another.

“You must see and witness this happening and then, once you become the Self, you will understand God. Before becoming the Self you cannot understand God, that’s why even Buddha didn’t talk about God. He said, “You better not talk of God. Once you talk of God, again hypocrisy starts.” So he said, “Let’s talk of the Self-realisation only. Once they get their Self-realisation, then I’ll talk about God.” – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi