A sense of peace within​

Still, I remember the news when my mother in law being diagnosed with cancer. And how she had to go into a series of treatments ranging from surgery to chemotherapy to radiations. Our entire family was devastated and under deep concern.

With the time, we all decided to get the surgery done as soon as possible. On the day of the surgery, while everyone was praying to God seated outside the operation theatre, I heard one of our relative chanting “Mother, please give strength to my Didi to bear this pain”, hearing this I asked her to who was she praying and will her Mother save my Mother-in-law?

She quickly took me to one corner of the bench and started explaining about the Divine power of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and about the spiritual power we all have within us. In a fraction of seconds, my mind got hooked to the ideology of Sahaja Yoga and I was amazed to know that it costs nothing but required our little time and pure desire. The very next moment I had my Self Realization in the hospital.

After a few minutes, I also started chanting the prayer with her and from deep down within my heart I prayed to Mother, to bless my MIL. To our surprise, the surgery went all fine and my Mum-in-law was out of danger. This was nothing less than a miracle to me.

With the hospital treatment continuing at its pace, Mum-in-law and I started practicing meditation and as days went by, I saw her regaining confidence and will power to face a yearlong treatment. Every day we both thanked to Mother (H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi) to give us this realization.

Today after 5 years I feel happy to see her sharing the experience of practicing Sahaja yoga to many NGO’s and how her life has changed.

In this journey of encountering with fear of losing my loved one to finding myself in peace by understanding the true meaning of our existence as human beings. That working 9-5, paying bills, running and fulfilling family obligations and social responsibility should not be our only aim in life, we should overcome the materialistic pleasure and see the deeper significance of our life.

For me, Practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation has zeroed my anger, it has made me more positive towards every situation I face. It made me grounded and gave complete balance to live in present and not to worry about future. I feel so much content with what I have in my life.

Written by:- Ankita Joshi

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