SahajayogaWork-Life Balance

I Am As Busy As You Are But I learnt How To Balance Through Meditation!

It has not been many years I am practicing Sahaja Yoga but in these past few years, I have grown immense respect for the life god has blessed me with.

My life involves a close knit family, which means an everyday play of expectations, and household chores. A generation Z boy and the time he demands. With these is my passion towards my profession. Working in the industry brings its own set of expectations, and negativities.

Few years back when I was oblivious to this unique method of meditation, my day began with the three thoughts:

  • A guilt of not fulfilling expectations
  • A stress of how to complete so many things planned for the day
  • A dissatisfaction within me and for my environment.

But still I was surviving because I knew God is looking from somewhere up there. Then one day I got my realization, which in simple terms is imbibing Sahaja Yoga meditation method. It raises the kundalini energy which lies within each human. This energy rejuvenates everything in life.

Every morning and every evening, I sit for meditation. The time maybe as little as 15 minutes but, in those 15 minutes I surrender all my actions and thoughts to almighty. In that less time, when there is no thoughts in my head I feel serenity. With practice I am able to sustain the feeling of quietness while I do the daily chores.  The quietness comes from “Nirvicharita” or Thoughtlessness. It is a state when you are aware of everything happening around you but the happenings and the surrounding does not affect you. In other words you do not think about what is happening, why is it happening, what will happen if something happens…and the never ending stream of thoughts.

When you are not thinking about what has happened (the past) and what will happen (the future), you are in the present moment.

And when you are in the present moment:

  • The guilt of work not done diminishes because thinking about it is pondering about past. Past cannot change.
  • The stress of the day lying ahead does not affect. What lies ahead is the future. Future is what we do not know.
  • The dissatisfaction is not felt. You are filled with positivity and keenness to see what god has planned for you.

Being in thoughtless awareness is just a small gift of Sahaja Yoga to us. It helps in being attentive, focused towards work, and not getting distracted by inert things. In short, able to balance all aspects of my life with her blessings.

H.H.Shri Nirmala Devi (beloved Mataji for all Sahaja Yogi and Yoginis) who is the founder of Sahaja Yoga has given a much deeper and stronger knowledge through this meditation method. I wish every human being is introduced and able to accept the blessing from her.


Written By: Lekhoni Banerjee

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