Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaja Yoga and Medical Science

How chakras and channels function

Shree Mataji has given detailed knowledge of how different chakras & channels function, how they become imbalanced and about bringing them back to balance. This excerpt from Shree Mataji’s lecture explains how different diseases are associated with an imbalance in just one chakra and how by treating the roots, all these can be cured easily.


The vibrations emanating from Shree Mataji are proven to have a very nourishing, positive influence on living beings including on plants, animals and humans. Here, Shree Mataji is seen with such unusually large sunflowers.


Humongous sunflower blooms grown with vibrational horticulture techniques
Medical experiment with VEGA machine

In this video, an Italian doctor demonstrates how even touching Shree Mataji’s photograph instantaneously improves the state of the patient to a level which doctors see after about 6 months of medication. He goes on to conclude that a regular practice of this meditation can bring long lasting benefits to a patient and completely eliminate the disease altogether.

The transformation achieved through the Sahaja Yoga Meditative state has always been researched and is being applied to solve different problems. The benefits have been medically proven and published in various medical journals around the world. Some of these research studies can be browsed here.

Research Publications