Is Inner Peace that elusive? not really…

We are thinking all the time about the future and the past.  One thought rises, falls off, another thought rises, falls off.  So we are jumping on the cusp of future and past.  But in between those thoughts there’s a little space that is the present.  The past is finished and the future doesn’t exist.  So what exists really?  Reality is present. So when you stand in the present, you become thoughtlessly aware.  And this state is the first state you achieve, and this is the state where you become absolutely peaceful within yourself.  The peace is so great that you enjoy your peaceful existence.  Not only that, but you become the source of peace.  Wherever you go, you emit peace.

  • H.H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – July 12, 1994, Paris, France

In today’s fast-paced life, everyone is under pressure for one or the other reason, Society, Job, Family responsibilities, etc. Either we are planning ahead, thinking of the future or stuck in past.

Stuck in past can lead to modern-day diseases like Depression, whereas being overactive/overthinking can lead to High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Heart Attacks, etc.

What if you can stay in present, in a state of Thoughtless Awareness.

Resulting in Inner Peace.

Sahaja Yoga meditation helps you achieve the same, once you get your Self-Realization.